We can never know which nation invented pizza, but pizza history is no less colorful for that fact. As we cannot know the date when the first pizza was invented, we can only speculate who invented pizza.

Pizza, as we know it today, is a bread crust covered with a tomato base and then flavored with other toppings. Yet tomatoes did not appear on European menus until the Sixteenth Century, when they were brought over from the New World by the Spanish conquistadors. Pizza as we know it today, with a crust, tomato and other toppings, was even later in history; it did not originate until the eighteenth Century in Naples.

No matter what is written, the Italians will tell you that pizza, as we know it, is purely Italiano!

Now, the Italians have done it again. They have reinvented how we eat pizza in this fast paced world. It’s all the rave in Europe, Far East and South America and it’s finally made it’s entre` to North America.

The way we eat pizza is forever changed, but the taste, ahhhh, just one bite into a savory pizza cone or ombrellina will satisfy your taste buds in a way you have never experienced before ....

You’ll scream….”OMG… now that’s pizza!” and best of all, you can enjoy the taste at your nearest OMG location, or, you can eat it on the go. No mess, no grease, no sliding cheese, no problem…... Mangia! Mangia!

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